Why choose SSQ?

SSQ insurance stands out in the group insurance market by offering:

  • Contracts truly customized to the needs and specifics of each group
  • High-quality specialized products at great prices
  • Fast and efficient implementation
  • Customer Service department attentive to insureds and administrators

Hassle-free business relations

At SSQ, you'll always work with the same advisor, establishing a relationship of trust.

Your clients will appreciate our expertise and know-how, and you'll obtain a rate of satisfaction that is among the highest in the industry.

Specialized Coverage

SSQ is one of the few insurers to offer both traditional group insurance products and high-quality flexible specialized coverage. Whether for a specific time, a particular trade or an activity outside of the ordinary, SSQ has the solution.

Health and Wellness

At SSQ, we really have your clients' health at heart. In addition to our full range of coverage tailored to the needs of each group, we offer:

Online services

With its numerous functions, the ACCESS | Advisors secure website allows you to easily manage your group insurance files.

Discover all the advantages of the different online services available to advisors, administrators and insured members.


SSQ has prepared documents that you can give to your clients.

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