SSQauto's mobile application

Making a claim has never been easier!

Smart phone users looking for practical solutions can now submit an insurance claim (home and auto), make an inventory of their belongings, and track the repairs made to their vehicle through Body Shop Direct simply by using their mobile phone.

Thanks to SSQauto's mobile application, you can now:

  • Complete a joint report (at the scene of the accident involving two vehicles)
  • Submit an auto insurance claim (one vehicle involved)
  • Submit a home insurance claim
  • Make an inventory of property

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Questions and answers

General questions

Can I use the mobile app even if I'm not insured with SSQauto?

Yes of course! Even if you are not one of our priviledged insureds, you may use and take advantage of our mobile application.

How much does the mobile application cost?

The SSQauto app is free; however, data charges may apply. Check the terms of your contract with your service provider (wireless or cell phone services).

Is the mobile version of the joint report as valid as the traditional paper version?

Certainly! It offers step-by-step support with your claims process and as a result, you are less likely to forget any information that may be essential in the opening of your file.

I was in a car accident with another vehicle, but the other driver did not have the SSQauto mobile app. What do I do?

As with the paper version of a joint report, the one document contains the information for both parties. Both drivers may therefore enter all the necessary information on a single device and send the final version of the joint report to their respective email addresses.

I understand that declarations of loss are generated on a Web page and the link is sent by email. What do I do if I don't have an email address?

Then we suggest that you have it sent by email to someone you trust and who can print it out for you.

I completed the insurance claim and sent it off to you. Should I still call you?

No. If you have received the confirmation message, one of our claims adjusters will be able to open your claim file and will contact you as soon as possible.

Can all types of loss (auto or home) be reported using the SSQauto mobile app?

The vast majority of claims can be reported using our mobile application. In some isolated cases (such as a collision with more than two vehicles, for example), a message will mention that it is best to contact one of our claims adjusters. The app will then suggest that you call our claims team immediately by simply clicking on the link.

Following an incident, the police came to the scene and gave us a police report. Must I still report my loss using the SSQauto mobile app?

It is not essential but we suggest that you do. Since we will receive your information quickly, we can proceed with opening your claim file.

I’ve changed vehicles and/or added another vehicle to my profile. Can I make the change using the application only or do I have to call my insurer?

No, you must contact your insurer to obtain the appropriate coverage for both your needs and your new vehicle requirements. If you are insured with SSQauto, call our Customer Service department at 1-866-777-2886.

What is the property inventory used for?

The property inventory allows you to list all of your belongings, and helps you estimate more accurately the value of your posessions. By using the property inventory, you can make a more informed decision about the insurance coverage you really need. SSQauto's mobile application meets the recommendations of the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), which suggests that insureds keep a copy of their property inventory outside their home along with receipts, photographs or video recordings.

What measures should I take to keep my property inventory secure?

Once you have identified all of your belongings and have taken photos of your possessions, we strongly suggest that you make a backup of your property inventory on a device other than your cell phone, such as your computer. You will avoid losing all your data in case of breakage or theft of your smart phone, for example.

Technical questions

I can't connect to the network at the site of the accident. Can I use the application offline?

Unfortunately no. For optimal function, the application must be connected to the network.

Can I use the application on any operating system?

The application is compatible with the two most popular systems: Apple iOS (version 6 or newer) and Google Android (version 4 or newer).

Can I use the application on my tablet?

Yes, the application is fully functional on a tablet, although it may not be fully adapted to the tablet’s screen size.

Where is the profile information and the photos for my property inventory stored?

All information you provide to complete your profile are kept on your smart phone. With this in mind, we suggest that you make a backup copy of your property inventory on a device other than your mobile phone, such as your computer.