​Mutualist Democracy

SSQ Insurance is different from most financial institutions because it is a company with mutualist values whose shares are held by its members.

All holders of policies or contracts with SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc. (group insurance, individual insurance and investment products) become co-owners or "participant members" of SSQ.

This shared ownership is expressed democratically through SSQ, Mutual Management, in keeping with the values of solidarity, equity, responsibility and equality.

Representation by Delegates

As our clients are also co-owners, they may fully participate in the democratic life of the company by designating delegates.

At the annual meeting, the designated delegates have the opportunity to elect directors to the board of SSQ, Mutual Management, thereby having a real influence on the orientations and development of the financial group.

This form of representation ensures an active participation by members in the affairs of the company, from bottom to top, demonstrating the strength of the mutualist values that have always inspired our managers.

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