​August 30, 2017

​2017 SSQ Health 5K: a heartwarming story about solidarity

The 20th edition of the SSQ Quebec City Marathon held this past weekend served as backdrop to a very heartwarming story. As title sponsor of the event, SSQ Financial Group had invited the children from Carrefour des enfants de Saint-Malo to take part in the SSQ Health 5K event and the young runners rose to the challenge!

The annual SSQ Quebec City Marathon is the perfect opportunity for SSQ Financial Group to raise funds and support a worthy cause. This year, SSQ decided to support the Carrefour des enfants de Saint-Malo, an organization that provides children at the primary level with a place to go―someone to talk to, a place where they feel like they belong―to help fight socio-affective poverty. In addition to other initiatives launched throughout the year, SSQ's Health 5K event is a chance for these kids to be part of a uniquely rewarding and fun experience.

SSQ Health 5K X Carrefour des enfants de Saint-Malo

Duration: 2:41

"I'm very proud that we were able to make such an experience possible for these young people. Our partnership with the SSQ Quebec City Marathon goes beyond sponsorship, it allows us to promote the values we hold dear like mutual support, community involvement and the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits," said Jean-François Chalifoux, Chief Executive Officer of SSQ Financial Group.

The marathon also marks the end of the fundraising campaign, and this year, more than $80,000 will be donated to the organization. As always, this event’s success is a testament to the significant contribution made by all employees, partners and participants.

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