September 21, 2015

Arrival of Jean-François Chalifoux as Chief Executive Officer of SSQ Financial Group

Pierre Genest, Chairman of the Board of SSQ Financial Group, is pleased to announce the arrival of Jean-François Chalifoux, FCAS, FCIA, as Chief Executive Officer of SSQ Financial Group.

“As SSQ Financial Group’s new CEO, Jean-François’s experience, vision, and dynamic approach will enable the company to confront the challenges currently facing the insurance and financial services sectors while continuing to pursue growth and ensuring that SSQ Financial Group remains a modern and successful organization with its values in the right place," said Mr. Genest.

"I'm honoured to be taking on this position and am really looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead. SSQ Financial Group’s nature and size make it very well positioned to address the issues facing the industry with agility and innovation. My first order of business will be to pursue SSQ’s growth by building on the hard work and dedication of our employees," said Mr. Chalifoux.

Prior to his appointment as SSQ Financial Group’s CEO, Jean-François held a number of executive positions with major pan-Canadian insurers, both in general insurance and in life and health insurance.

About SSQ Financial Group

With a business volume approaching $3 billion and nearly $11 billion in assets under management, SSQ Financial Group is a prominent mutualist diversified financial institution in Canada.

The Group serves over 1 million clients and employs 2,000 employees. SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc., the Group's principal company, is recognized for its leadership in the group insurance industry and excellence and expertise in the investment and retirement sector. SSQ Financial Group has also made its mark through sustained growth in the home and auto insurance (SSQ General Insurance Company Inc.) and individual insurance (SSQ Insurance Company Inc.) markets.