October 16, 2015

Cité Verte receives award of excellence in real estate from the Institut de développement urbain du Québec

Cité Verte, the first multiresidential project based on sustainable and intelligent building design in Quebec, was awarded a prize last night in the multiresidentail category at the gala of excellence in real estate organized by the Institut de développement urbain du Québec (IDU).

The jury recognized the Cité Verte as "a flagship project in the design and implementation of eco-friendly, multi-residential real estate projects that seek to limit social, economic and environmental impacts." In addition to recognizing the top real estate projects in Quebec, IDU's award of excellence in real estate honours innovation and contribution to the community.

"SSQ Financial Group is very proud of this prestigious award in recognition of the innovative and visionary character of City Verte. We would like to congratulate and thank all the artisans and professionals who have contributed to the development of this unique project," said Jean-François Chalifoux, CEO of SSQ Financial Group.

A unique eco-friendly neighbourhood

Cité Verte is the first major multiresidential project based on sustainable and intelligent building design in Quebec. Home to a projected 800 residential units, a thriving business community and multiple amenities, Cité Verte is more than just a place to live―it's a way of life set in a sustainable community made up of converted historical buildings. In practical terms, Cité Verte offers solutions to a number of environmental issues such as urban density, rainwater management, energy-efficient construction, selective waste recovery, transportation management, green space preservation and social diversity. Cité Verte is an SSQ Realty project backed by SSQ Financial Group.

For a closer look at the Cité Verte project, please see the video on the website.

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