February 22, 2016

Health InSight Indicators: A New Program to Help Employers Promote Good Health and Prevent Illness

SSQ Financial Group is proud to debut Health InSight Indicators, an innovative group insurance program that provides statistical data to employers on the health of their employees. The data is entirely confidential and provided free of charge to help employers take a proactive approach to maintaining and improving employee health.

Health InSight Indicators is the first group insurance program of its kind in Canada. The new program aims to provide periodic emails to employers about the global information on their employees’ use of prescription drugs for the treatment of four major chronic illnesses: diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and mental health problems. The statistics are accompanied by suggestions for concrete solutions, allowing SSQ to further support employers in their actions.

"Employers tend to think that only a minority of employees suffer from a chronic illness. In reality, on average, more than half of all employees working for Quebec businesses are affected. The Health InSight Indicators program is our way of providing our customers with the information and the tools they need to keep their employees healthy and improve work attendance," said Carl Laflamme, Senior Vice-President of Group Insurance.

For assistance with this new service, SSQ has partnered with Capsana, a social enterprise made up of healthcare professionals and IT specialists that has been a leader in promoting well-being in Quebec for the past 25 years.

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