November 16, 2015

Reimbursement of new eligible pharmacist services for Quebeckers

The legislation covering fees for services offered by pharmacists to individuals insured under private insurance plans has been ratified. Consequently, effective November 12, 2015, SSQ Financial Group has begun reimbursing the four new eligible services now offered by pharmacists. Insured members may now submit claims for these new pharmacist services in the same way they submit claims for prescription drugs.

Applicable reimbursement provisions

The fee schedule for insureds covered under private plans is the same as for insureds under the public drug insurance plan. The eligible amount is therefore limited to the posted rates, which are subject to the parameters of the insured's insurance policy for prescription drugs (deductible, user fee, coinsurance). If the policy provides for more than one coinsurance, the higher one will apply.

Only those services that are reimbursable by RAMQ are eligible for reimbursement by private group insurance plans.

Reimbursement for expenses incurred between June 20, 2015, and now

Expenses incurred by insured members since June 20, 2015, may be submitted to SSQ by mail or online by the pharmacist retroactively. If an insured has already submitted a claim to SSQ by mail for one of the eligible pharmacist services, their claim will be processed in the next few weeks without having to resubmit a new claim.

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