June 23, 2015

Transitional measures regarding the Act to Amend the Pharmacy Act

SSQ Financial Group is informing its group insurance members about the transitional measures related to the application of the Act to Amend the Pharmacy Act, which came into effect recently.

The regulations for the application of the new Act confirm that the new services offered by pharmacists will be covered under the provincial basic prescription drug insurance plan. This means that insurers will be required to reimburse fees for these new services up to at least the same amount as under the government plan.

However, since no agreement has been reached to date between the Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP) and the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS), we do not know to which services fees will apply, nor how much the fees for these services will be. For the time being, therefore, it is not possible for SSQ to reimburse these new services.

The adoption of Bill 28 on April 20, 2015, sanctioned the coming into force of the Act to Amend the Pharmacy Act, also referred to as Bill 41. The purpose of this law is to widen the role of pharmacists by enabling them to perform new professional services.

Reimbursement of fees for pharmacist services

Once the terms of the agreement between the AQPP and MSSS are announced, we will move quickly to make the necessary adjustments to our systems. Eligible claims will then be submitted directly from the pharmacy as is currently done with prescription drugs.

Until then, we ask that SSQ's insured members keep their receipts as proof of payment for any pharmacist services provided under the Act. They will then be able to submit them to us by regular mail or electronically by the pharmacist.

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