A complement to short term disability insurance, SSQ Insurance's compassion insurance offers insureds financial security should they ever need to stop working temporarily to care for a gravely ill loved one.

Advantages of compassion insurance

By offering compassion insurance to insureds, groups will:

  • Improve their employee benefit programs at a low cost
  • Reduce insureds' absenteeism rates
  • Promote the attraction and retention of personnel

Duration of Benefits

Compassion insurance provides benefits to the insured person for up to 35 weeks. This amount is paid on top of the compassionate care benefits received under the federal government's employment insurance, where applicable.

In addition, the insured may schedule his absence from work depending on the health of his loved one, in order to facilitate a work-family balance.

Reason for the disability Person receiving care Duration of benefits Benefits paid by
Terminal illness Family member Up to 6 weeks Employment insurance and SSQ Insurance(co-ordination)
Injury or critical illness Spouse, parent or child aged 18 or over Up to 12 weeks Employment insurance and SSQ Insurance (co-ordination)
Injury or critical illness Child under age 18 Up to 35 weeks SSQ Insurance

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