Life insurance that enables your clients to grow tax-sheltered savings

Its simplicity means universal life is perfectly tailored to the family market while being accessible to a variety of clients.

Our Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance product features

  • Level T100 and yearly renewable term (YRT) cost of insurance options
  • Increasing or level death benefit options
  • No surrender charges for Level T100 cost of insurance
  • 1% guaranteed bonus on the value of accumulated funds
  • Guaranteed interest investment options of 1, 3, 5 and 10 years
  • Investment options that include index accounts and managed accounts linked to renowned funds currently offered on our segregated funds' platform
  • Life insurance option for children, with insurability guarantee and critical illness insurance included
  • Possibility of insuring family members under the same policy at no additional cost

Advantages of universal life insurance

  • Easy to understand, it offers the right set of options rather than too many choices for your clients
  • Possibility of including accumulated savings with the amount payable to beneficiaries in the event of death
  • Choice of premium payment amount, facilitating savings opportunities
  • Flexibility of coverage enables changes during the course of the policy depending on your clients' needs: changes in amount insured, changes in premium amount, withdrawal of accumulated funds and transfers between investment accounts

Complementary insurance

Your clients may add other insurance products to their universal life insurance policy

* Available on the same life insured and with individual type of policy only.

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