Loans for RRSPS, TFSAS And Investments

SSQ Insurance offers loan programs for investment in RRSPs, TFSAs or Non-Registered Savings Plans (NRSPs) with various reputable lending institutions like:

  • B2B Bank
  • SSQ Insurance

RRSP Loans

An RRSP loan means borrowing money to invest in an RRSP. Such a loan enables your clients to maximize the benefits of RRSPs and increase their savings for retirement.

RRSP Loan - B2B Bank

Whatever your clients' situation, the RRSP loan from B2B Bank offers a solution to meet their needs.

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SSQ Insurance RRSP Loan

Amount of Loan

  • Minimum: $2,000
  • Maximum: $50,000


The repayment period must not exceed the next whole number following the amount of the loan divided by $2,000.

For example, the repayment period on a $6,500 loan must not exceed 4 years.

$6,500 / $2,000 = 3.25, or 4 years maximum.


The loan is repaid by monthly pre-authorized debit payments.

There is no penalty if the loan is repaid in full or in part at any time.


Deferred Initial Payment

Your clients may choose to defer their initial payment up to:

  • 3 months (minimum repayment period of one year)
  • 6 months (minimum repayment period of 2 years)

Interest Rate

Repayment period Variable rate
3 and 6 months Prime rate + 1.25%
12 and 24 months Prime rate + 1.25%
3 to 5 years Prime rate + 2.25%
6 to 10 years Prime rate + 3.25%

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RRSP Loan program overview (PDF, 281 kB)


With a TFSA loan, you can build a savings strategy for your clients, whether it's for retirement or another project they hold dear.

TFSA Loan - B2B Bank

With B2B Bank's TFSA Loan Program, your clients can reap all the benefits of a TFSA, including tax-free savings.

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Investment Loan

The investment loan is a strategy that uses the concept of leverage effect. Leverage effect consists of borrowing money to invest and thus earn a return on the amount borrowed from financial institutions.

SSQ insurance Investment Loan

Loan Options

  • 100% loan (without an initial capital amount)
  • 3 for 1 loan, where the client must invest an amount equal to one third of the borrowed amount

Amount of Loan

  • 100% Loan: from $10,000 to $100,000
    Loans of $75,000 to $100,000 are only permitted for investment in SSQ Insurance Equity GIA
  • 3 for 1 loan: from $10,000 to $150,000


The loan is repaid by monthly pre-authorized debit payments.

Your client may decide to repay the interest only or the capital and interest.

Interest Rate

Amount of loan 100 % Loan 3 for 1 Loan
$10,000 to $24,999 Prime rate + 2.25% Prime rate + 1.75%
$25,000 to $100,000 Prime rate + 2% Prime rate + 1.5%
$100,000 to $150,000 Not available Prime rate + 1.5%

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Investment loan program (PDF, 283 kB)

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