​Private Wealth Management

SSQ Insurance offers portfolio management to your clients who have assets exceeding $500,000. Our team of qualified professionals will assist you in the creation of investment policies for your clients and will help you monitor them.

A Customized Service

  • Customized advice and an investment portfolio tailored to your clients' objectives, their risk tolerance and capital needs over the next few years.
  • Close monitoring of the results and recommendations for adjustments to the portfolio as the situation evolves.

A Unique Approach

  • Investment management by specialized managers who reproduce the model of large pension funds.
  • Objective and fair fund managers choice because SSQ Insurance does not manage the funds. The interests of your clients come first.
  • Opportunity to invest in asset classes such as global real estate, infrastructures and commodities.

Competitive Management Fees

  • Significant savings in management fees for all assets, regardless of the plan selected.

Peace of Mind

  • Capital guarantees provide for a minimum return despite market fluctuations
  • Significant risk reduction thanks to the variety of investments and management styles
  • Access to fund managers who are renowned for their ability to preserve capital during market fluctuations
  • Protection of assets in the event of personal bankruptcy, as contracts with an insurance company usually protect assets when a spouse or child are designated as beneficiary

Custom Tracking Tools

  • Secure website: daily account value and personalized returns updated monthly.
  • Quarterly statements of investment: monitor portfolio evolution thanks to the detailed statement.

Documents to Give your Clients

Private Wealth Management (PDF, 4.26 MB)

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