Preventive Driving Lesson

Have fun, improve your reflexes… and lower your auto insurance premium!

Benefit from theory and hands-on training from Mirabel ICAR Driving Academy’s professional drivers. Under their supervision on a closed track, you can learn to handle a vehicle in summer and winter emergency situations, develop preventive and safe driving techniques, and acquire good driving reflexes.

Who should sign up?

SSQauto’s preventive driving classes are designed to teach drivers of all ages and abilities how to stay safe behind the wheel. Even the most experienced drivers need to develop the right reflexes for handling emergency situations!

Program includes:

  • Emergency braking
  • Fast lane-change exercises
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Skid control

Sign up today!

  • Call the ICAR Driving Academy at 1-855-332-4227 and mention promo code SSQAUTO2016.
  • Buy online

See what awaits you!