Commercial insurance

Your business is unique; it’s your source of income and your passion. We understand.

And we have commercial insurance tailored to your needs.


SSQ Insurance and La Capitale, two solid local companies, joined forces to become Beneva.

We are leveraging the strength of this union to introduce changes. Our goal: Better meet the needs of business owners like yourself.

Commercial vehicle insurance

You’re in familiar territory!

Nothing changes for this type of commercial insurance. Submit your applications in the usual way to access SSQ Insurance products. We have the solutions you’re looking for!

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Commercial property insurance

What’s new

When we joined forces, we pooled our expertise to offer you even more options! That’s why quotes for commercial property insurance are now branded Beneva by La Capitale.

How we’ll guide you

Beneva agents will offer you La Capitale commercial insurance products that best meet your needs.

Contact the Beneva commercial insurance team today!

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An enhanced product offering

The perfect insurance solution is the one tailored to your area of business:

  • Retail stores
  • Professional services
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Condominium associations
  • Building contractors
  • Garages
  • Real estate services
  • Health care and beauty salons
  • Farming*

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*Farm insurance is available from our subsidiary L'Unique General Insurance.