Retail Business Insurance

Here are a few examples of the kinds of businesses we insure:*

  • Food: Butcher’s shop, bakery, deli, cheese shop, pastry shop, etc.
  • Retail: Gifts, shoes, decoration, books, glasses, tableware, clothing, etc.
  • Local services: Tailor, shoe repair shop, convenience store, etc.
  • And many more!

What does retail business insurance include?

Your property

  • The building you own or the improvements made to your unit
  • The entire contents of the shop, materials, equipment, and merchandise, including protection against inflation and peak season increases
  • Customer accounts
  • Valuable documents and archives
  • Equipment: Mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment is covered against breakdown (e.g., telephone system, compressor, computer failure, etc.)
  • And much more!

Your revenue

  • Loss of revenue as a result of a covered claim:
    • Loss of gross profits
    • Loss of rental income
  • Loss of revenue as a result of a fraudulent act:
    • Embezzlement (e.g., theft of your rental income or embezzlement)
    • Counterfeiting (e.g., accepting counterfeit banknotes in good faith)

Your civil liability

  • Multi-peril insurance covers civil liability, which means you are not financially responsible for bodily injury or material harm that is involuntarily caused to a third party. As part of this coverage, SSQ Insurance covers the legal fees you may incur in a civil liability case.

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