​Disability Insurance

Always on the lookout for new products and best industry practices, SSQ Insurance offers short and long term disability insurance to meet the needs of your group.

To help you better manage an insured's disability and reduce its duration, disability insurance coverage includes measures such as:

  • Health support program to make insureds' return to work easier
  • Meetings to discuss disability insurance files
  • Integrated approach with everyone involved: you, the insured person, physicians and the SSQ agent assigned to your disability insurance files

Website for Administrators

The secure ACCESS | Plan Administrators website lets you:

  • Track the progress of a disability file
  • Consult the status of an insured's disability insurance benefits
  • Download forms to fill out in case of an insured's disability

Discover all the advantages of the secure website for plan administrators.

Log in to Access | Administrators

Online Services for Plan Members

This secure website lets the members of your group easily manage their disability insurance file. With ACCESS | Plan Members, they can:

  • Sign up for our follow-up emails (documents received, decision made by SSQ, date of next payments)
  • View their disability insurance payment information
  • Consult the online version of their group insurance booklet

Several other services are also offered to insureds. To learn more, go to: