Included under long term disability insurance, the Health Support service is designed to promote insureds' physical and psychological health to prevent absenteeism in your organization.

The use of resources is at your discretion: only managers can direct an insured person towards the professional resources of the Health Support service.

Do any members of your organization appear to be having problems? Help them regain their quality of life as soon as possible by giving them a reference card. The assistance plan provides insureds and their dependents with:

  • 3 hours of telephone counselling which can include up to one hour of legal or financial counselling
  • 6 hours of counselling in an office or on a secure Web site for both physical and psychological problems
  • help with finding a retirement home or childcare services
  • videos on various topics (suicide prevention, cyber addiction, stress management, burn-outs, etc.)
  • access to the Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT)

Services to Help you

Telephone Support

Does one of your insureds appear to be going through a tough situation? Talk to a professional who will be able to give confidential advice on the best approach to use with this person.

Intervention in a Crisis Situation

Disruptive events are destabalizing members of your organization? A specialist can be on site within 24 hours.

Free Documentation

You may order any of the articles you need:

  • Reference cards
  • Guide for company managers

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