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At SSQ Insurance, we believe that sound management of a group insurance plan rests on health promotion and prevention as well as workplace attendance management: two essential components in improving the health of insureds and fighting absenteeism.

Designed specifically to improve health and well-being, our Health InSight program aims to develop and implement a health culture in your organization through concrete solutions.

SSQ encourages employees to be active by taking on Défi Entreprises

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Specifically, Health InSight is a team of specialists and trained partners that offers:

  • unique expertise
  • support with the various steps of your project
  • affordable tools adapted to your organization
  • assistance services such as Health Support and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • improved workplace attendance management
  • a real impact on the health of insureds
Health InSight Products and Services

Available upon request, the products and services of the Health InSight program can also be included in your group insurance contract.

If you have Diagnosis Plus (PDF, 619 kB) coverage, take advantage of the all-inclusive Health InSight program.

To learn more about our À la carte services, the Turnkey Solution plan or any other question about Health InSight, contact us: healthinsight@ssq.ca

Health Support

Included under long term disability insurance, the Health Support service is designed to promote insureds' physical and psychological health to prevent absenteeism in your organization.The use of resources is at your discretion: only managers can direct an insured person towards the professional resources of the Health Support service.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is the perfect complement to health insurance, enabling your organization to aim for and reach three objectives:

  • Improve health and wellness in the workplace
  • Prevent absenteeism
  • Resolve physical and psychological problems in the short term

The EAP proposes a number of services to insureds and their dependents should they find themselves burdened with personal, family-related or health problems of a physical or psychological nature

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Telemedicine at our plan members’ service

We work hard for the health of our customers, both in terms of prevention and recovery.

This is why we’re offering Dialogue, a fully integrated and seamless virtual healthcare platform, to all our eligible group insurance policyholders.

With Dialogue, customers are able to consult a doctor, a nurse or other health professional online.

They have access to secure video consultations with general practitioners, live chat with nurses, prescriptions and prescription renewals, as well as specialist referrals.

Advantages for employers

  • Lower absenteeism rate for medical appointments

  • Increased productivity in the workplace
  • Competitive edge when attracting and retaining talent
  • Better control of healthcare costs
  • Solution perfectly tailored to the needs of today's workplace

Advantages for plan members

  • Quick access to a health professional regardless of where they are in the world
  • Services available 24/7
  • Same-day consultation
  • No travel required
  • Follow-ups and prescriptions
  • Specialist referrals

What is the Dialogue platform?

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