Psychological assistance over the phone

Are you worried about the coronavirus pandemic?

All SSQ Insurance insureds have access to a free psychological assistance hotline.


For SSQ Insurance, communities make us get our insureds the help they need.

Effective immediately, a free 24/7 COVID-19 distress hotline is available.

24/7 Hotline Number:


Who can use this service?

All those who have the following product with us:

  •   Group
  •   Auto
  •   Home
  •   Individual
  •   Investment

Before calling, make sure to have your certificate number or your policy or contract number. You will be asked to provide it when you call.

Whether you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or stressed, our psychological assistance partner is here to listen and accompany you through this difficult time.

Do my family members have access to this service?

No, only you may use it.

However, your family members can use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), if you have it through your employer.

The EAP is often included when you have family coverage.

Does this hotline offer the same services as the EAP in my group insurance?

No. The COVID-19 distress hotline is temporary, in light of the current situation.

If you feel that you will need long-term support, we recommend getting help through your EAP, community resources or private psychological services.