Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

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Updated: March 23, 2020 at 4:07 p.m.

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I am leaving on a trip in more than 30 days from today

Can I cancel my trip that I planned to take in the next 30 days?

No, not just yet.

We are currently processing all trip cancellation claims for trips that are scheduled to take place in the next 30 days only. We are prioritizing our insureds who are currently in an emergency situation. Please call back when your trip will be 30 days away.

Please consult our FAQ on a regular basis.

What happens if I decide to leave even though the travel advisory is still in effect?

If you decided to travel despite the fact that the Canadian Government’s travel advisory is still in effect, your travel insurance will not reimburse your expenses, whether medical or emergency medical, even if you are sick from COVID-19, another illness or injured.

If you booked a trip after March 13, trip cancellation and medical expenses will not be reimbursed. This will apply for as long as the travel advisory is in effect, even if the advisory moves from worldwide to regional.

Take note that, regardless of the situation, insureds who are considered essential travellers, such as truckers, remain covered by their insurance policy.