Insuring your loans is ensuring your peace of mind

Whether it is to insure your mortgage, your line of credit or other loans, SSQ Insurance's loan insurance offers full protection in the event of disability, critical illness or death.

Why Take out Loan Insurance?

Thanks to a comprehensive loan insurance solution, you can protect your and your family with coverage adapted to your needs.

    In the Event of Disability

    You will receive a monthly amount to help you cover your loan payments.

      In the Event of a Critical Illness

      You will receive payment of an amount that you can use as you see fit to:

      • Pay for care related to a critical illness
      • Continue to pay your current expenses

      In the Event of Death

      Receive payment of an insurance amount to:

      • Repay loans
      • Ensure your family is able to maintain an adequate lifestyle

      Advantages of Loan Insurance

      • Possibility of increasing your insurance amount to suit your needs
      • Life insurance convertible into permanent life insurance - no evidence of insurability required
      • Option of adding other insurance products for more comprehensive coverage: disability, critical illness or life insurance for your children
      • Assistance services such as legal and psychological assistance

      How to Obtain Loan Insurance?

      Contact your financial security advisor or call us.

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