To mark SSQ Insurance’s 75th anniversary, SSQ Foundation awarded more than $500,000 in donations to 27 organizations

Founded on May 9, 1944, in a working-class neighbourhood of Quebec City, SSQ Insurance is celebrating its 75th this year. True to its primary mission, the company continues to place community at the heart of its actions. It promotes its values, including social commitment, by supporting various causes via its foundation.

To mark this anniversary, SSQ Foundation has set aside a special budget of more than $500,000 to increase its support for the community. We asked our customers, members, delegates, employees and partners to submit their choice of causes. After analyzing 280 submissions, 27 causes were selected. What a great way to demonstrate that “communities make us!”


Donations awarded

On April 27, 2019, during the activities related to the annual meeting of SSQ, Mutual in Quebec City, the following organizations were the recipients of the first round of donations:


    Centre Jacques-Cartier of Quebec City (French only) – $75,000

    The Centre Jacques-Cartier creates an environment for young people aged 16 to 35 whose life plan cannot be supported by a traditional school environment.


    Covenant House of Vancouver – 25,000 $
    Covenant House of Toronto – 50,000 $

    Covenant House is an internationally recognized shelter for homeless youth aged 16 to 24 offering opportunities for them to become productive and contributing members of society.


    Leucan – 75,000 $

    In addition to supporting clinical research, Leucan offers distinctive and adapted services to children with cancer and their families.

Find out more about these three organizations by viewing the videos made when they learned that their donation application was selected!


Centre Jacques-Cartier of Quebec City


Covenant House of Toronto and Vancouver



On May 9, 2019, SSQ Insurance also awarded a donation of $25,000 to the Fondation des Auberges du cœur (French only) during the 75th anniversary employee celebration in Longueuil.



Three other donations were made to local charities on May 30 in Quebec City. True to its origins and the inspired work of its founder, Dr. Tremblay, SSQ chose to support health projects in the Saint-Sauveur and lower town neighbourhoods of Quebec City by selecting organizations that work with a vulnerable and marginalized low-income clientele. In all, the Pignon Bleu, SPOT Clinique communautaire and Motivaction Jeunesse received $115,000. (Websites in French only)


As a founding member of SOCODEVI (Société de coopération pour le développement international), SSQ has been involved for nearly 35 years in the advancement of developing countries to equip local populations via the cooperative and mutualist model in the area of health. Wishing to recognize its long-standing partnership with SOCODEVI, SSQ Insurance awarded this organization $25,000.



And finally, 19 other organizations shared $126,500:

  • ABC des Hauts Plateaux de Saint-Pamphile (Québec)
  • Action Jeunesse St-Pie X de Longueuil – Maison Kekpart (Québec)
  • Back Pack Buddies Community First Foundation de Vancouver (Colombie-Britannique)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley (Colombie-Britannique)
  • Boys and Girls Club of Saint-John (Nouveau-Brunswick)
  • Centre Solidarité Jeunesse de Québec (Québec)
  • Fondation des petits déjeuners de la Péninsule acadienne de Tracadie-Sheila (Nouveau-Brunswick)
  • Fondation RBA de Wendake (Québec)
  • Grands Frères et Grandes Sœurs de Domaine-du-Roy de Roberval (Québec)
  • Le Piolet de Québec (Québec)
  • Maison Jeunes-Est de Sherbrooke (Québec)
  • La Maison Tangente de Montréal (Québec)
  • Mission Old Brewery de Montréal (Québec)
  • Patro de Charlesbourg de Québec (QC)
  • PECH – Programme d’encadrement clinique et d’hébergement de Québec (Québec)
  • REVDEC de Montréal (Québec)
  • Les Scientifines de Montréal (Québec)
  • Solidarité Familles de Québec (Québec)
  • Maison des jeunes L’Antidote de Saint-Ambroise (Québec)