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Here is the life and critical illness insurance electronic application for you and your clients!


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A win-win solution

The electronic application offers a number of advantages

    Convenient and user-friendly The electronic application was designed to be in sync with your reality. It’s easy to use, you simply need an Internet connection.
    Always consistent, always up to date The electronic application is always up to date and up to standards.
    Validation at each step Every section completed is checked by your clients before going on to the next step. Your clients feel they are part of the process, which makes for a stronger commitment.
    Phone interview for insurability questions In all cases, the insurability questions are asked during a phone interview conducted by a reputable firm. A professional and efficient process!
    Reduced risk of error Mandatory information is clearly identified. The electronic application cannot be submitted unless it is complete.
    Simple electronic signature process There are no documents to exchange and no problems getting your client’s signature. A simple click is all it takes. Secure, legal and hassle free!

Learn more about the electronic application

Detailed videos to know more

Demo of the electronic application (57:01)

Connecting to the electronic application (0:52)

Face-to-face or non-face-to-face sales and step-by-step validation (1:48)

Customer identification (0:55)

Coverage (0:53)

Client details (0:50)

Beneficiaries (0:51)

Payment (1:07)

Signatures (0:45)

Submitting the application (0:58)

Next steps (1:12)

No time for details now?

Go to the basics quickly with this summary of the main features of the electronic application and the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Non face-to-face sale

A guide to prepare your clients

One of the undeniable advantages of SSQ Insurance's electronic application is to be able to fill a non face-to-face request.

For your client, it is surely a first. This guide has been designed for them to demystify what lies ahead, with ease.

Client's guide


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