Electronic Application Tutorial

Completing the advisor's declaration and submitting the application

Before submitting the application, you must complete the advisor's report. Your client will not see this section.


If you are sharing a commission, indicate the percentage here. Your client will not see this section.


Before submitting the application, you must download a PDF copy and save it in your files.

In the case of simplified life insurance products, the PDF version of the application does not include the medical questionnaire. A second PDF is generated automatically for the medical questionnaire and can also be saved.


Submit the application. It’s at this step that it will be sent to SSQ Insurance and your MGA.

Simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance:

  • The policy will be issued in less than 60 minutes.
  • Your client will be sent an email with a link to access the contract. To access it, the client must enter the access code you provided in the Signatures section.
  • Once the contract is issued, it will be available in the Reports section of your secure extranet.

Term Plus and critical illness:

  • A confirmation is emailed to the client along with the notices as well as the temporary insurance, when applicable, and a preparatory document for the phone interview.
  • Your client will be called and will have to answer insurability questions. If needed, an appointment will be scheduled for underwriting requirements.
  • You will be able to track the file in LifeSuite, which is accessible in your secure extranet.
  • The policy will be mailed to your MGA and you will be able to forward it to your client.

Click Close Call when you want to close the application, whether it is submitted or not. If you forget, don’t worry. The next time you log in, the platform will remind you to close your open call.