Electronic Application Tutorial

Choosing an interview mode: in person or remote

When creating a new application, indicate whether the interview will be done face to face or remotely.

Tip: If you want to fill out an application before meeting with a client, indicate that the interview will be done face to face. You will be able to complete most sections (except the signature and submission sections). When you meet with the client, you will simply have to select the interview mode, whether face to face or remote, validate the information and have him or her sign the application.

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You can calculate the premium in the Coverage tab. This will enable you to give your client an idea of the premium amount before answering all the eligibility questions.


Each application requires a number of sections to be completed. You will be able to access them via the menu bar. When a section is completed and validated by the client, it is crossed out to indicate that it is done.

You can go from one section to another even if you are not ready to validate it. The information is automatically saved.


During a remote interview, a personalized hyperlink and Call code (top left of the screen) are generated. Forward these to your client so he or she can validate the sections with you.


During an in-person interview, a Validate button will appear at the bottom of each section. Always review the information with your client before clicking this button.

During a remote interview, click the Send to Client - Confirm button to display the page to the client. The client will be given access to a remote validation button.

When information is missing or non-compliant, a message indicating that corrections are required is displayed. Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.