​Consult your covered expenses

Step 1

Go to ssq.ca

Click LOGIN,

followed by Group Insurance - ACCESS | Plan Members under INSURED.


Step 2

In the LOGIN box,

enter your username and password and click LOGIN.

You will be redirected to the ACCESS | Plan Members website .


Step 3

Here, you have two options.

Click the Consult your Expenses Covered - HEALTH in the Your Coverage box.

Click Consult the Expenses Covered Under Your Health Insurance in the Expenses Covered tab.


Step 4

The expenses covered under your health insurance are displayed in categories.

Please note that this table is a summary of the expenses covered. For more information on eligibility conditions or your contract's terms and conditions, consult the booklet.


Step 5

For more information on specific coverage, click the link.

For complementary information, consult the booklet by clicking the booklet link in the first paragraph.

You may also simulate a mock claim to get an idea of the amount you will have to reimburse.