Simulate a mock claim to know if you're covered

Step 1

Go to

Click LOGIN,

followed by Group Insurance - ACCESS | Plan Members under INSURED.


Step 2

In the LOGIN box,

enter your username and password and click LOGIN.

You will be redirected to the ACCESS | Plan Members website.


Step 3

Click Access Health Care Services in the Health Care tab.

In the left menu, click Check Eligibility for the claim.


Step 4

A list of health care treatment is displayed.

Please note that mock claims cannot be made for every type of health care treatment.

Click the treatment you want to make a mock claim for.


Step 5

Select the insured.

Enter the date on which the purchase or service was obtained, or simply enter the day's date.

Write the total amount requested.

Select the province where the service was or will be obtained, and click SUBMIT.


Step 6

Take the time to read the text displayed under the result.

This will tell you about specific situations that could have an impact on the actual amount of your coverage.