​Submitting a claim

Step 1

Go to ssq.ca

Click LOGIN,

followed by Group Insurance - ACCESS | Plan Members under INSURED.


Step 2

In the LOGIN box,

enter your username and password and click LOGIN.

You will be redirected to the ACCESS | Plan Members website.


Step 3

Here, you have two options:

Click the Submit a claim in the Online Claims box.

Click Online claims in the Quick Access list.


Step 4

Choose the type of treatment you want to submit a claim for from the categories in the shaded rectangle.


Step 5

If your service provider appears in the list,click their name.

If not, click Search for a new service provider.

Enter the phone number and/or name, and click Search.

Select the supplier whose name and address matches the information written on your bill.


Step 6

Complete the form.

Up to 5 treatments may be claimed from a service provider. This may be done in the Type of treatment section at the bottom of the form.

When done, click Confirm.


Step 7

Check that the information is accurate and click Confirm to submit your claim.