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for members of the group

Syndicat CA.OM.SC, STM, SCFP, section locale 1983

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Exclusive offers for your group

  • 20 % discount auto insurance

    Get the free Well Protected Assistance Plan by combining your auto and home insurance.

  • 15 % discount on home insurance

    By combining your home and auto insurance, get additional discounts and the free Well Protected Coverage plan that includes five types of assistance: 24-hour roadside as well as home, health, legal and identity theft assistance.

Other discounts if you combine your home and auto insurance

  • An additional discount on each of your contracts
  • Insurance to cover the payment of your premiums in the event of total disability†.

There is more!

Enjoy other benefits with SSQ Insurance

    $ 60 off by getting an online quote †
    Pay only for your mileage with our Kilo Program.
    Your simplified insurance accessible at any time in your Customer Centre
  • Request online assistance online.
    Follow the repairs of your vehicle with our Body Shop Direct.
    Offer on a prevention system including detection and interruption of water leaks.