Frequently Asked Questions about Going PaperlessAuto and Home Insurance

What are the advantages of going paperless?

By going paperless, you are helping the environment.

By keeping your documents in digital format, you save time by not having to file, organize and search through your paper documents.

You will find everything you need in your secure Customer Centre website, providing easy and any-time access.

In addition to the benefits of going paperless, signing up for the secure Customer Centre website also allows you to:

  • Consult your insurance contracts online, and download them and print them out, if need be
  • Consult your payment methods
  • Follow up on your claims
  • Check your coverage
  • Receive an email as soon as a new document becomes available
Can I drive with my electronic insurance card?

The electronic insurance card is accepted in Quebec but you must be able to present it to the police if they ask for it.

However, the electronic card is not accepted in any of the other provinces and the U.S. We therefore recommend that you keep a printed copy with you.

How can I receive a paper version of my insurance contract and certificate by mail?

Although SSQ Insurance strongly encourages the paperless option and the use of its Customer Centre, it is possible to receive a paper copy of your insurance contract and certificate by mail. This service is free of charge.

If you wish to receive your insurance contract and certificate by mail, simply call our Customer Service at 1-855-395-2522.

If it’s only the auto insurance certificate that you need, simply fill out an online request for an auto insurance certificate.

How do I get my electronic auto insurance card?

Your Customer Centre allows you to save your auto insurance card directly on your mobile phone.

You can also share it with the other people insured under the same contract by email or text message.

Do the others insured under my contract have to have an auto insurance card?

Yes, the principal driver and other drivers (spouse, children or other drivers included under the insurance contract) who use the vehicle must have electronic or paper proof of insurance.

They must first sign up for the secure Customer Centre website to get an electronic insurance card. They can then print it out if they wish.

If it isn’t possible for them to sign up for the secure Customer Centre website, it is recommended that you print out the card and give it to them.

If you lend your vehicle to another person not covered under your contract, give them a paper copy of the insurance card.

How can I access my auto insurance card in the app?

There are 2 ways to display the auto insurance card:

In online mode

Tap the Plus tab at the bottom of the screen. All available cards will be listed in the Cards section.

In offline mode

Tap the green circle icon at the top of the screen, to the right of the SSQ Insurance logo. All available cards will be displayed (group insurance card and auto insurance card).

To switch from one to the other, simply swipe left or right.Cards become available in offline mode only after you’ve connected at least once to the application in online mode. If not, the card icon will not be displayed.

How can I share my digital auto insurance card?

The app lets you send an image of your auto insurance card.

A share icon appears in the top right corner of the auto insurance card. Tap it to display the sharing options available on your device.

The options will vary based on the apps installed on your device – the most popular being for social networks and email.

Select the app you want to use to send the image of the card followed by the person to whom you want to send it.

How can I print my auto insurance card?

Send the image of the card to a tool or app that has a print function.

The easiest and most popular way is emailing the image to yourself.

Refer to the How can I share my digital auto insurance card? question for the steps to follow.

Do I have to use the digital card?

No. You can print your card using the mobile app or via the Customer Centre or request it from SSQ Insurance by completing the online form or by calling 1-855-395-2522.

Why should I always keep a paper version of the card on me?

This will avoid unpleasant surprises should your phone be out of charge or misplaced.

It will also be useful when:

  • You are driving somewhere where digital auto insurance cards are not accepted.
  • You lend your car to someone who does not have a phone or printer.
  • The police ask for it.
What happens when I lend my car to someone else?

Be sure to share the image of your card using the SSQ Insurance app or provide him or her with a paper copy.

When the card is displayed in the app, are my phone’s other features blocked?

No. When the card is displayed, the user or the police can exit the SSQ Insurance app to access your data and other apps. Text messages and calls are not blocked either.

The feature designed to block phone features is slated for fall 2020. For convenience, SSQ Insurance decided to make the digital auto insurance card available to its insureds rather than wait for the release of this feature. However, insureds use it at their own risk.