Travel Insurance

Travel insurance protects you in the event of an emergency while you are travelling outside your province of residence.

This coverage includes travel assistance services. We also offer trip cancellation insurance.

By consulting your plan summary on our ACCESS | Plan Members website, you can find out more about our travel insurance:

  • expenses covered
  • exclusions
  • the maximum duration of your coverage

You can also print an SSQ insurance card or obtain a proof of travel insurance for you and your dependents, if they are also insured.

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Before you Leave

If you have any doubts about your health or the safety of your destination, take a moment to confirm your eligibility with CanAssistance, SSQ's travel assistance firm.

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Consult the "Frequently Asked Questions" section


Whenever possible, contact CanAssistance before obtaining treatment or medical care outside your province of residence. You will be directed to the physician, clinic or hospital that is able to provide the emergency care you need. Your claim will be that much simpler.

The numbers to dial can also be found at the back of your SSQ insurance card.

If you have not contacted CanAssistance during your trip, you must do so as soon as you get home to begin the claim process.

Make sure to keep the original detailed invoice, medical reports and proof of payment at all times.

Need travel assistance?

Please refer to the number indicated on your SSQ insurance card.