Permanent Life Insurance

It's for Life. And it's Guaranteed.

Insuring your family and loved ones for life is possible. What could be more reassuring than knowing that your family will be protected with SSQ Insurance's permanent life insurance.   

Available with or without a cash surrender value, you can choose between paying your premiums over 20 years or until you reach age 100. 

Why Take out Permanent Life Insurance?

  • Get started on your retirement and succession planning
  • Leave money to your heirs
  • Maintain your family's and loved ones' quality of life

Advantages of Permanent Life Insurance

  • Fixed and guaranteed premiums
  • Cash surrender value, that increases over time and may be used to finance your projects
  • Option of adding insurance products such as life insurance for your children or critical illness insurance
  • Possibility of changing the insurance amount during the contract according to your needs

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How to Obtain Permanent Life Insurance?

Contact your financial security advisor or call us.

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