RRSP Loans and Investment Loans

An Efficient Financial Strategy for Reaching your Investment Objectives

SSQ Financial Group offers loan programs to invest in an RRSP or a non-registered savings plan (NRSP) with a number of reputable lenders:

  • B2B Bank
  • SSQ

Why Borrow to Save?

Because the earlier you save, the longer your savings can grow.


The money from an RRSP loan is meant to be invested in an RRSP.

Advantages of an RRSP Loan

  • The returns from your RRSP grow tax free in the plan and increase your savings for retirement
  • The income tax refund from your RRSP contribution can be used to repay a portion of the loan
  • Options are available to postpone the first loan payment, usually until the tax refund is received 
  • You may invest the borrowed amount in a guaranteed interest account (GIA) or in your choice of segregated funds.

Is the RRSP Loan for you?

The RRSP loan strategy is right for you if:

  • You want to contribute the maximum amount to your RRSP, either for the current year or to take advantage of your unused contributions
  • You want to increase your retirement savings but don't have the cash
  • You are able to repay the loan
  • You are aware of the risks associated with the RRSP loan strategy*

How to Apply for an RRSP Loan?

Contact your financial security advisor or call us.

Investment Loan

What is an investment loan?

The investment loan is a strategy consisting of borrowing money to invest in a non-registered savings plan (NRSP).

To secure the loan, the amounts invested in the NRSP are used as collateral.

Advantages of an Investment Loan

  • Generate returns on the borrowed amounts
  • Different borrowing options are available, including an option without personal initial capital
  • The cost of the loan is reduced because the interests on the loan are usually tax deductible 

Is the Investment Loan Right for you?

The investment loan strategy is right for you if:  

  • Your RRSP contribution ceiling has been reached and you are looking for ways to increase your savings
  • You want to increase the gains on your investments
  • You are able to repay the loan
  • You have a long-term investment perspective
  • You have a good tolerance for risks associated with the investment loan strategy*

How to Apply for an Investment Loan?

Contact your financial security advisor or call us.

* RRSP loans and investment loans include a significant amount of risk. Even if the value of your investments varies, the loan balance must be paid. The monthly loan payments may vary if you chose a variable interest rate on your loan. Your financial plan must take all this into consideration.

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