Fraud Prevention and Reporting

The number of cases of abuse, fraud and suspicious behaviour in insurance and financial services has risen in recent years. This can have a negative impact on customers and in the industry.

To encourage ethical behaviour, integrity and transparency, SSQ has set up an independent external process to identify and handle the reporting of abuse, fraud and suspicious behaviour. SSQ is also actively involved in the prevention and detection of such activity.

What should be reported?

Employees, customers, partners and suppliers of SSQ and any person directly or indirectly involved with SSQ may report any and all concerns regarding fraudulent behaviour, such as:

  • Making a false declaration or omitting to provide complete and accurate information
  • Claiming services that were billed for more than the amount paid for or that weren't rendered
  • Performing services not required by a diagnosis for the purpose of making a claim
  • Falsifying accounting ledgers, supporting documents or other documents
  • Violating accounting practices, codes of ethics or other regulations

How do I report cases of fraud, abuse, and inappropriate behaviour or share my concerns about them?

To report the appropriate behaviour of an insured member, a provider, employee or manager of SSQ Insurance, or to share your concerns with us, please write to, or call1-866-777-3694.

Report all cases of fraud or abuse to our investigation teams who will investigate and take necessary action accordingly. All reported concerns will be dealt with promptly and professionally.


In addition to the checks that are performed automatically by our claim management system, a team of auditors, data analysts and professionals analyzes requests as they are processed on a daily basis in order to detect cases of fraud or abuse.