SSQ Financial Group offers a number of ways to submit your claim. Simply choose the one that suits you best.

Group Insurance

Do you want to submit a claim for health insurance or dental care insurance? There are four options available.

Using the secure website for plan members

Submit your claim with ACCESS | Plan Members et get reimbursed in less than 48hours for most treatment types.

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Using your mobile device

Download the free SSQ Mobile Services application and get reimbursed in less than 48 hours for most treatment types.

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Using your SSQ card

Present your SSQ insurance card at the dentist's office or at the pharmacy. You will pay only for the expenses not covered under your group insurance contract.

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By mail

Send us the claim form along with the original receipts.

Personalized forms are available on the secure ACCESS | Plan Members website. Simply fill them out, print and sign.

You can't find the form you're looking for on the list? Call our Customer Service at 1-888-651-8181.

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