August 24, 2016

SSQ Financial Group: Proud partner of the 2016 SSQ Quebec City Marathon

SSQ Financial Group proudly presents the 19th edition the SSQ Quebec City Marathon. From August 26-28, thousands of walkers and runners will rise to the challenge and participate in various exciting marathon events.

"For over 10 years now, it has been an honour for SSQ to help grow this event into the resounding success it is today. This sporting event is a beacon for bringing together thousands of people, from small families to accomplished athletes. This partnership stems directly from our desire to encourage people to be active and make heathy life choices," said. Jean-François Chalifoux, SSQ Financial Group's Chief Executive Officer.

For SSQ, this commitment is also reflected through its association with a very worthy cause, a cause for which it raises funds and provides voluntary support. This year, SSQ, its employees and its partners have chosen to back Accès-Loisirs Québec, whose mission is to provide access to sports, recreation and cultural activities to people with low incomes. The culmination of SSQ's collaboration with Accès-Loisirs Québec will take place at the SSQ Health 5K, where representatives of the organization will run alongside managers and employees of SSQ Financial Group.

SSQ wants to make this unique experience unforgettable for every participant. The installations, designed in collaboration with Gestev, will allow participants to celebrate their achievement, while resting and relaxing. A terrace, picnic tables, waterstation, photostation: everything that families, athletes and well-wishers need to have a good time. Set up at the Parc de la Francophonie on Saturday and near the Gare du Palais on Sunday, the SSQ Zone is the right place to be for sport and health enthusiasts!

About SSQ Financial Group

With $11 billion in assets under management, SSQ Financial Group is a prominent mutualist diversified financial institution in Canada. The Group serves over 3 million customers and employs 2,000 individuals. SSQ Financial Group is recognized for its leadership in the group insurance industry and its excellence and expertise in the investment sector. SSQ Financial Group has also made its mark through sustained growth in the general insurance and individual insurance markets.