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Reference number: FIND0035
Product type: Applications
I. the undersigned, declare as follows: 1. I have accurately translated all the information of the paramedical/medical document, or other document enclosed, for the…
Reference number: FIND0248
Product type: Forms and Questionnaires
Reference number: MIND0147
Product type: Universal Life
This questionnaire will help you select the investment options that best suit your investor profile. In todays investment world, it is essential to diversify your…
Reference number: MIND0142
Product type: Universal Life
Complete insurance solution adapted to your various needs! Combine all your loans under a single policy with our flexible and affordable loan insurance solution! A well-…
Reference number: DIND0111
Product type: Term Plus
I, ask for the issue of a duplicating of the above contract and declare the following: 1. The insurance contract has been lost, stolen or destroyed and following serious…
Reference number: FIND0207
Product type: Forms and Questionnaires
Under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, SSQ is required to have processes in place to ensure that client identity information is…
Reference number: FRA1863
Product type: Forms and Questionnaires
Do not forget to specify the durations and face amount. Basic information Optimization of exemption test Declaration I understand that the information in this document…
Reference number: FIND0144
Product type: Universal Life
1. Please provide service, division or unit and rank details: 2. Are you full-time, part-time (e.g. reserve or territorial) or retired? 3. Where are you currently…
Reference number: FIND0112
Product type: Forms and Questionnaires
1. How many years have you been racing? 2. What type of motorcycle do you currently use? Make: Year: Model: Engine size (cc):. 3. Please state the nature of your…
Reference number: FIND0276
Product type: Forms and Questionnaires
1. Type of climbing: Trail Snow Rock Others: 2. Frequency of each: 3. Date of last climb: Where: How long have you been climbing?
Reference number: FIND0198
Product type: Forms and Questionnaires
Notice December 2018 Universal life insurance accounts fact sheets In the interest of always having the most recent information available to you and your clients, we…
Reference number: n/a
Product type: Universal Life
List of non-insurable occupations (Applicable to the Total Disability Rider) Your client cannot add the Total Disability Rider if his/her occupation is found in the…
Reference number: MIND0250
Product type: Term Plus
Your health is your most important asset and is essential to maintaining a good quality of life. You and your family can feel confident with access to a reliable…
Reference number: DIND0073
Product type: Critical Illness Rider
Choosing the right kind of insurance is a wise decision! Since no one can avoid critical illness, insuring your financial security is your best bet. Protection tailored…
Reference number: DIND0070
Product type: Critical Illness
Whatever your needs may be, our permanent life insurance plans will meet your expectations. Here are a few examples of how our Whole Life 20, Whole Life 100 and Term 100…
Reference number: DIND0049
Product type: Permanent Life
Term life insurance suits your needs for a predetermined period of time. It gives you peace of mind by protecting your loved ones or beneficiaries in the event of your…
Reference number: DIND0104
Product type: Term Plus
3. How many jumps have you logged? 4. What club do you belong to? 5. Do you jump professionally? YES NO If yes, give details: Do you compete for record attempts? YES NO
Reference number: FIND0200
Product type: Forms and Questionnaires
Express claim by telephone Death benefit of $50,000 or less and policy in force more than 5 years Standard claim Death benefit up to $99,999 Death benefit of $100,000…
Reference number: MIND0137
Product type: Forms and Questionnaires
Declaration of insurability I(we), the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of the above-mentioned insurance policy and certify that, since the declarations were signed by…
Reference number: FIND0164
Product type: Forms and Questionnaires