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Everyone is looking for the cheapest car insurance, right?

SSQ Insurance offers multiple discounts to help reduce your car insurance premium.


Save $60 when you request an auto insurance quote online


Combine your auto and home insurance and save up to $500**


Opt for a two-year auto insurance policy and get a premium freeze even if you make a claim.


Green savings for hybrid and electric vehicles


$25 multiproduct discount on your auto insurance if you are a customer of SSQ Insurance or a shareholder of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ

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Decreasing deductible

Every time you renew your policy without any claims, enjoy a lower deductible*. It is our way to reward our customers.

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Our Kilo Program

The right way to insure cars

Only pay for what you drive.

  • Your premium is adjusted based on how many kilometres you drive.
  • No electronic tracking system on your vehicle or your phone.
  • No minimum ou maximum mileage.

Drive worry-free with 24-hour roadside assistance


Get it before you need it…

  • 24/7 assistance in Canada and the United States
  • Towing, jump-start, flat tire, gas delivery, lockout
  • Roadside assistance requests online or by phone

Renting your car with Turo?

SSQ Insurance recently reached an agreement with Turo

Claims stemming from renting your vehicle via Turo will have no impact on your insurance premium. Claims are covered by Turo’s commercial insurance, not your personal insurance.


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Liability Insurance covers damage to a third party’s property

It covers you when you cause damage to a third party’s property during an accident that occurs in Quebec (bodily injury is generally covered by SAAQ, under its no-fault plan).

Liability insurance covers you also if you cause bodily injury to a third party and damage to his/her property during an accident that occurs outside Quebec.

The collision and upset coverage (Section B - Protection 2) covers your property

The collision and upset coverage is not mandatory but it is usually part of the insurance contract. This coverage protects you when:

  • Your vehicle is damaged during an accident caused by you that involves a third party;
  • You cause an accident that does not involve any other vehicles (e.g., loss of control);
  • You are the victim of a hit-and-run.

The All perils other than collision or upset coverage (Section B – Protection 3) covers your property in case of damage by fire, theft, vandalism, or sustains one or more broken windows

As its name says, your vehicle is covered if it's damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, or window breakage but not in the event of a collision or upset.

Increase your basic insurance with additional coverage tailored to your needs

Enhanced accident benefits

You or your spouse are the victim of an automobile accident whether you are the driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian

  • A death benefits of $25,000
  • A dismemberment benefits of up to $25,000
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses of up to $2,000
Travel costs

(Broad form)

  • Your vehicle becomes inoperable following a covered loss
    • Replacement vehicle or other means of transportation up to $75 per day, and up to $2,250 per occurrence
  • Loss or damage during a trip
    • Reimbursement if you incur additional travel costs
Waiver of deductible – Hit-and-run

Your vehicle is damaged on a public road by an unidentified person (hit-and-run) and you promptly reported the incident to the police

  • No deductible to pay
Waiver of deductible – Total Loss

Your vehicle is declared a total loss following an accident

  • No deductible to pay
Civil liability resulting from damage to vehicles of which named insured is not owner
  • You borrow a vehicle
  • You rent a vehicle short term
  • You use an employer-provided vehicle
    • Liability coverage of up to $50,000 per occurrence to cover damage to vehicles in your care
Replacement cost

(Q.E.F. No. 43 (A to F) – Change to indemnity (Section B))

In the event of partial loss (Option 43A) and when your vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss (Option 43E)

  • In the event of a total loss, the replacement of your vehicle by a new vehicle having the same features, equipment and accessories. If such vehicle is no longer available, you may opt for a vehicle with similar features.
  • In the absence of replacement, the coverage will correspond to the lesser of the following: the purchase price or the current price of the vehicle at the time of purchase.
  • In addition, in the event of a partial loss, parts that cannot be repaired will be replaced by new parts.

Preventive Driving Lesson

Have fun, improve your reflexes… and lower your auto insurance premium! Program includes:

  • Emergency braking
  • Fast lane-change exercises
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Skid control

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*Certain conditions, restrictions, and limitations may apply. **Certain conditions, limitations, or exclusions may apply. Average savings are applicable to new auto and home insurance policies only (owner-occupied). Amount provided for information purposes only and subject to change without notice. † Certain conditions, restrictions, and exclusions apply. Savings applicable on new auto and home policies (owner-occupier). ‡ Certain conditions, restrictions, and exclusions apply. Savings applicable on new auto and home.