Building Insurance

Do you own a residential building with no more than 24 units or an office building?

Looking for protection against fire, vandalism, and broken windows or shop windows? Want protection against fraud such as embezzlement or counterfeiting? With SSQ Insurance building insurance, you’re in the right place!

What does your residential or office building insurance include?

Your property

  • The building that you own
  • Outbuildings that are located on the insured premises, such as a garden shed, detached garage, etc.

Your revenue

  • Loss of revenue as a result of a covered claim:
    • Loss of gross profits
    • Loss of rental income
  • Loss of revenue as a result of a fraud act:
    • Embezzlement (e.g., theft of your rental income or funds)
    • Counterfeiting (e.g., accepting counterfeit banknotes in good faith)

Your civil liability

  • Multi-peril insurance covers civil liability, which means you are not financially responsible for bodily injury or material damage that is unvoluntarily caused to a third party. As part of protection, SSQ Insurance covers the legal fees tou may incur in a civil liability case.

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