Hole-in-one Insurance

Organizing or sponsoring a golf tournament? With SSQ Insurance hole-in-one insurance, you’re at the right place!

Ensure the success of your tournament by awarding a big prize if a player gets a hole-in-one. Prize ideas may include

  • A vacation
  • A car
  • A spa
  • And much more!

It’s easy and very affordable with SSQ Insurance hole-in-one insurance.

A fabulous prize in 4 steps!

  1. Determine the prize you want to offer and the hole to use for the tournament challenge.*
  2. Contact one of our experts at 1-866-537-3237 or entreprise@ssqauto.com
  3. Pay a premium equal to a fraction of the prize’s value.
  4. If a golfer gets a hole-in-one, SSQ Insurance will pay you the insured amount.

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* Certain conditions, restrictions, and limitations may apply.

** Certain conditions, limitations, or exclusions may apply. Average savings are applicable to new auto and home insurance policies only (owner-occupied). Amount provided for information purposes only and subject to change without notice.