​Health Insurance

Many coverage options, selected on the basis of each group's needs, are included in our health insurance coverage. Control measures are included to ensure optimal management of your plan's costs.

Thanks to our made-to-measure products, insureds have better access to quality health care and services:

  • Hospital expenses not covered by the public plan
  • Prescription drugs (with drug insurance) coverage
  • Medical supplies
  • Different services rendered by health professionals, including vision care and dental care

Other distinctive products can be added on to your health insurance plan, such as the Health Spending Account, the health spending and wellbeing account and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), to better meet the needs of insureds.

Website for administrators

The secure website ACCESS | Administrators enables you to perform many operations pertaining to the addition or modification of data concerning your different insureds.

Discover all the advantages of the secure website for plan administrator.

Log in to ACCESS | Administrators

Online services for insureds

The secure website for plan members lets the members of your group easily manage their disability insurance file. With ACCESS | Plan Members, they can:

  • File a claim online
  • Consult the online version of their group insurance booklet
  • Reimbursement simulations for certain care
  • Obtain a statement for tax purposes
  • Register for direct deposit and electronic benefit statements

Several other services are also offered to insureds. To learn more, go to: