To assist you in matters related to health and wellness, SSQ Insurance has the support of dynamic, experience partners who are ready to assist you in your Health InSight initiatives.

Optima Global Health

Founded in 1993, Optima Global Health has a great deal of experience using an integrated approach to health and wellness in the workplace. Its innovative programs and services enable organizations to reduce the costs related to absenteeism and improve the overall health of their members.

Optima Global Health focuses on prevention and intervention, and thereby helps workers in all areas better maintain or regain their good physical or psychological health.

Nautilus Plus

Nautilus Plus offers physical fitness programs and various services aimed at improving overall health and quality of life. Its staff is exclusively made up of devoated and passionate university-trained nutrition and physical fitness specialists.

AXA Assistance

With its 30,000 affiliated doctors, AXA Assitance is able to provide an access to the expertise of renowned specialists to review any medical file, help to better understand a diagnosis as well as present all the possible treatment alternatives.

AXA Assistance is there to give the best tools and help clients to make an informed decision.

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