Cité Verte

Quebec City

1195 Louis-Adolphe-Robitaille St.
Quebec City QC G1S 0B8


With few projects like it in North America, Cité Verte (French only) takes sustainable development a step further by preserving most of the existing buildings.

Cité Verte is one of Quebec's 50 most important urban planning achievements of the last 50 years according to the Ordre des urbanistes du Québec. La Cité verte also won the Prix d’excellence en immobilier of the IDU in 2015 in the Multiple Residential Units catetory.

Cité Verte

Sustainable Development

Located in downtown Quebec City, this ambitious eco-friendly project received the sustainable building innovation award at the Gala Habitation 2012.

Cité Verte's energy supply is provided by a thermal heating system that uses biomass.

Alternative waste processing methods are also an important part of Cité Verte's environmental strategy.

Residual waste management is ensured through a fully automated network underground pipes.

Efficient water management requires rainwater retention and proper water treatment.


  • 3 buildings
  • Total area: 73,906 sq.ft.
  • Floors for non-residential use
    • N-O Building: 2
    • P Building: 1
    • Q Building: 5
  • Structure: poured concrete
  • Exterior surface: brick, curtain wall
  • 1 elevator, 2 service stairwells
  • Automatic sprinklers under constant supervision
  • Tunnel connecting the buildings
  • Abundant windows and light
  • Energy supply provided by a biomass thermal heating system
  • Underground waste management


  • 130 parking spaces for offices, retail and visitors
  • Park and pedestrian path

Building Tenants

  • André Filion & Associés inc.
  • Avant Garde Esthétique
  • Bayshore Clinics
  • Les Bigoudis Coiffure
  • Café de la Petite Cité
  • Centre dentaire de la Cité Verte
  • Clinique radiologique Audet
  • Clinique de médecine de famille, S.E.N.C.R.L.
  • Dr Amélie Dumas, clinique de chirurgie plastique et esthétique
  • Groupe Germain Hospitalité
  • Lizotte Médico-Experts
  • Lobe Santé auditive et communication
  • Maison 1608 by Solisco
  • PCN Physiothérapie et médecine du sport
  • Peak Financial Group
  • Sante Podiatres
  • Uniprix


1195 Louis-Adolphe-Robitaille St.
Quebec City QC G1S 0B8

  • At the heart of the Saint-Sacrement district
  • A short distance from Laval University
  • Near many bus lines


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