Car, home, business, life, health, travel and loan insurance

SSQ Insurance offers a number of ways to submit your claim depending on the type of insurance.

Simply choose the one that suits you best.

Auto and Home Insurance


418-683-0554 514-393-3632

Collision, theft, fire and vandalism

To report your loss call us at 418-683-0554 or 514-393-3632

Once your claim file is opened, use the Customer Centre to follow up on your claim.

Thanks to Body Shop Direct you can monitor the progress of repairs on your vehicle online and receive a text message or email after each step of the repairs is completed.

If the collision happens outside Quebec?

Don't attempt to make any settlements at the scene of the accident until you've contacted SSQ Insurance first. Our claims adjusters will take charge of managing your claim file.

If required, call the emergency services and keep the event number that will be provided.


418-683-0554 514-393-3632

All losses, theft and vandalism

When you contact us, an agent will open your claim file and verify the eligibility of the loss according to your coverage. Then, in compliance with your insurance contract, an indemnity payment will be made for the loss or the replacement of damaged articles.

To help your agent, consider to:

  • Keep all receipts (hotel room, restaurant, etc.).
  • Make a list of damaged goods
  • Gather additional information available: a brief description, a serial number, a date of purchase, a purchase cost, etc.
  • Take photos
  • Stay with your family or friends during cleanup, if any. A daily allowance can then be granted.
  • It is always possible to stay in a hotel or in temporary accommodation.

Business Insurance

418-683-0554 514-393-3632


Keep all receipts and invoices for expenses incurred as a result of a loss.

Make a list of damaged or stolen property with short descriptions, serial numbers, dates of purchase, replacement costs, and any other information that may help us serve you better.

If possible, take pictures of the damage to show to the claims adjuster.

In case of theft of fraudulent acts

Request a police report and keep the report number.

In case of water damage or fire

Until an SSQ Insurance claims adjuster can assess the damage, keep any damaged items that do not pose a health risk.

If possible, limit the extent of the damage by taking immediate measures. For example, move furniture to a dry corner of a flooded basement, and turn off water and electricity.

If a customer is injured

You and your employees should never admit responsibility.

Report the incident as soon as possible and provide the name and contact information of the victim and, if possible, of any witnesses. Document the incident.

If you receive a formal notice following an accident, notify your insurer immediately.

Life, Health and Loan Insurance

Send us your claim form with the original receipts by mail or call us.

514 282-7320

Travel Insurance

To make a claim, you must call the insurance company from which you purchased your travel insurance policy.