Electronic Application Tutorial

Obtaining an electronic signature

The e-signature section lets you legally get your client’s signature as per approved industry security standards, whether the interview is done face to face or remotely.

Once the signature is obtained, you can end the interview and submit the application at your convenience.


For simplified life insurance only, it’s at this step that a verification with the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) must be conducted. The answers provided by your customer to the qualification questions will be compared to his or her file and in the event of discrepancy, additional questions may have to be asked to validate the information.


For simplified life insurance only, it’s only after the MIB verification is done that the credit card information can be entered here.


At this step, for simplified life insurance only, you can generate an access code that will allow your client to access his or her contract once it is issued. You can provide it to your client verbally or by text message.