Mobile Services

Submitting claims has never been easier.

SSQ Mobile Services is the quickest and most effective way to submit your group insurance claims. Avoid paperwork and postal delays – and get claims reimbursed in 48 hours.

To be able to download the app, you must have registered:


The app also lets you:


    Know the exact amounts reimbursed for specific care


    Consult a list of your latest payments


    Carry your certificate number on you at all times by making your SSQ Insurance card accessible off line


    Submit claims and consult your health and/or wellness account balance (as per your contract)


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SSQ Mobile Services: An easy way to reduce paper consumption and protect the planet!


Insurance card

Your SSQ Insurance card claims for you. Present it to your healthcare professional!


Eligible amount

See the exact reimbursement amount before submitting the claim!


Reimbursed amount

Submit claims for care in a few easy steps.


To Use the App

Step 1

Register for the secure ACCESS | Plan Members website, electronic claim statements and direct deposit.

Step 2

Download and install the app.

Step 3

Enter your username and password for ACCESS | Plan Members.

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