Choosing SSQ Insurance provides you with peace of mind. Investors who choose our range of segregated funds, called SSQ Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs), enjoy capital protection and rigorous monitoring of some of Canada's top institutional fund managers.

What is a Segregated Fund?

Offered by insurance companies, segregated funds differ from mutual funds in that they are managed separately from other company assets and they offer capital protection.

Advantages of our Segregated Funds

  • Choice of about 50 SSQ Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIF), 12 of which are portfolio funds
  • Wide range of management styles and investment types
  • Remarkable return potential
  • Invested capital is guaranteed at 75 to 100%
    • upon death
    • at contract maturity
  • Portfolio development by reputable fund managers

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How to Invest in one of our Funds?

Contact your financial security advisor or call us.

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