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Questions about the COVID-19

Is your travel insurance part of your SSQ Insurance group plan? For more information on your insurance coverage with respect to COVID-19, please refer to our resource page. Go to your Customer Centre to check your coverage. Need travel assistance? Please refer to the number indicated on your SSQ Insurance card.



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The best in individual travel insurance

SSQ Insurance offers a selection of products that correspond to your needs and health status via its subsidiary SecuriGlobe.


Insurance for short and extended stays


Complementary insurance


Emergency medical insurance


Annual multi-trip insurance


Medical questionnaire for special risks


All-inclusive travel insurance package, cancellation, baggage and accidental death insurance

Do you have an SSQ Group Insurance plan?

Your SSQ group insurance plan may include travel insurance. Learn more about available coverage, travel assistance, and claims on your secure website.

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You can also call the number indicated on the back of your SSQ insurance card.


Call One of our Advisors

Our advisors take the time to analyze their customers' needs. They apply rigorous compliance standards and carefully examine pre-existing health issues that may not be covered or that may restrict coverage. They offer frequent travellers the most suitable annual travel insurance coverage so they can travel with peace of mind.