Telemedicine at our plan members’ service

We work hard for the health of our customers, both in terms of prevention and recovery.

This is why we’re offering Dialogue, a fully integrated and seamless virtual healthcare platform, to all our eligible group insurance policyholders.

With Dialogue, customers are able to consult a doctor, a nurse or other health professional online.

They have access to secure video consultations with general practitioners, live chat with nurses, prescriptions and prescription renewals, as well as specialist referrals.

Advantages for employers

  • Lower absenteeism rate for medical appointments
  • Increased productivity in the workplace
  • Competitive edge when attracting and retaining talent
  • Better control of healthcare costs
  • Solution perfectly tailored to the needs of today's workplace

Advantages for plan members

  • Quick access to a health professional anywhere in Canada
  • Services available 24/7
  • Same-day consultation
  • No travel required
  • Follow-ups and prescriptions
  • Specialist referrals

What is the Dialogue platform?

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